Choosing a new path, instead

Creating memories, not extra yard work

Woman running on grass

Safe for the whole family

It's safe use around every member of the family, when used as directed.

Almost impossible to mess up

If you're not a lawn professional, that's just fine by us. Our easy-to-follow seasonal plan removes all the guesswork for everyone.

No gimmicks, just effective

We perfected a natural fertilizer formula with results to show for it.

A year with instead

Our seasonal fertilizers work with your yard’s native soil and natural growth cycles, so it changes throughout the year, just like you do.

Happy Lawn Spring Fertilizer

In the spring

Just as your family comes out of hibernation, your spring fertilizer and seed mix will arrive in time to start enjoying the warmer days.

Happy Lawn Summer Fertilizer

In the summer

Summer is for long days, late nights, messy ice cream cones, and summer fertilizer.

Happy Lawn Fall Fertilizer

In the fall

While you go apple picking and break out your cozy sweaters, your fertilizer preps your grass for the dormant months of winter.

Your grass takes a winter vacation

Time to take a break and snuggle up with your loved ones. There are no shipments in winter.

Get my plan "Your grass takes a winter vacation"

100% natural fertilizer, 100% effective

We're all more careful about what we consume - in every way. instead fertilizers are a natural solution that leaves behind the lawn treatments we used to rely on.

Ingredients: Wheat Flour Meal, Molasses, Feather Meal, Blood Meal

Wheat Flour Meal

Amends the soil and gives your grass nutritients


Feeds soil microbes so you have fertile soil

Feather Meal

Provides long-lasting feeding

Blood Meal

Delivers a quick boost of lawn nutrients

Ingredients: Sulfate of Potash, K.A.S.E. Blend

Sulfate of Potash

Helps your lawn stand up to stress

Kelp Meal, Alfalfa Meal, Soybean Meal, & Earthworm Castings

Encourages strong root development and conditions the soil

Better for the planet, instead

Our fertilizers improve your lawn over time with nutrients from natural ingredients, so your little slice of nature stays that way.

Our slow-release, natural ingredients are formulated to help reduce run-off in waterways, which can contribute to algae blooms.

Pollinator-friendly ingredients (no pesticides!) means your buzzing backyard ecosystem will thrive too.