Your lawn but better, instead

A natural fertilizer and grass seed program changing the way we lawn, to fit the way we live.

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Natural fertilizer and grass seed that's safe for your kids and pets, when used as directed.

Seasonal shipments that work with your lawn’s natural growth cycles.

Customized for where you live — all we need is your zip code.

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“My friends always ask me how my yard looks so nice.” - Ben Wyatt

Made with natural ingredients, instead

We’re picky about the ingredients we use, so your little slice of nature stays natural.



Feeds soil microbes to build fertility


Wheat Flour Meal

Nutrients to improve your soil


Blood Meal

Encourages grass growth and greening


Sulfate of Potash

Helps your lawn stand up to stress


Feather Meal

For long-lasting feeding

Easy-to-follow directions

We made things simple, so you can take back your weekend.

Safe for bare feet & paws

Our lawn care is safe for every member of your family, when used as directed.

Made with sustainable packaging

Our fertilizer bags are made from a renewable plastic sourced from sugarcane.

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