Easy-to-use lawn care that’s shipped when you need it

You know how your skin is drier in the winter, so you break out your extra-strength moisturizer? Your lawn is kind of like that. If the weather’s changing, so should your fertilizer. instead gives your lawn what it needs, naturally.

In the spring your lawn needs one thing: to wake up

And our Happy Lawn Spring fertilizer has the natural ingredients to help it do so. Wheat flour, blood meal, and feather meal — yes, like from chickens — have all the essential nutrients your grass needs to stop hitting snooze and perk up early in the season.
Get ready for spring

Endless rays in summer make for one hot lawn

Nobody likes crunchy grass. Ditch the flip flops thanks to our Happy Lawn Summer mix. Potassium-rich ingredients and molasses help your lawn stand up to stress, whether that be staying hydrated in the summer sun, or watching while you forget to put on sunscreen.
Keep things growing in summer

Come fall, your lawn is already dreading the winter

While you’re enjoying the crisp air round the fire pit and roasting marshmallows, our Happy Lawn Fall fertilizer is giving your lawn a natural mix of alfalfa, soybean, and earthworm castings (yum) to encourage strong root development so it can spring back faster.
Prepare for fall

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instead™ is a seasonally-based natural fertilizer lawn care program. You get only the products you need when you need them. And it's customized by where you live and how large your lawn is.

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Key Ingredients

  • Flour Meal
    Flour Meal
  • Molasses
  • Feather Meal
    Feather Meal
  • Blood Meal
    Blood Meal
  • K.A.S.E. Blend
    K.A.S.E. Blend
  • Zeolite
  • Grass Seed
    Grass Seed
  • Sulfate of Potash
    Sulfate of Potash