What it means to make the natural choice, instead

What it means to make the natural choice, instead

What it means to make the natural choice, instead

Back to nature’s roots

Like all plants, your grass gets everything it needs to thrive from the earth around it. We help your grass grow naturally by giving it all the nutrients it needs from ingredients it recognizes.

Back to nature’s roots

The natural cycle of life used to give your lawn what it needed to thrive. Lawns don’t need toxic chemicals and complicated additives — they need natural ingredients from the earth, instead.

Back to nature’s roots

Like all plants, grass thrives on sunshine, water, and nutrients derived from the very earth it’s rooted in. That’s why instead natural fertilizer uses ingredients your lawn already recognizes—and in recyclable packaging that agrees with nature—so you can have green grass that’s safe* for everyone, from your dog to the dirt it digs up.

Natural ingredients
you can pronounce

Easy plan based on
your zip code

Sustainable packaging*

*Our boxes are 100% recyclable. 25% of the film in our fertilizer bags is made from a bio-based renewable plastic made from sugarcane.

Complicated ingredients made in labs

Confusing plan based on lawn analysis

Some recyclable

Natural, from the ground up

Our natural ingredients help soil, roots, and grass thrive for a happy, green lawn your whole family will want to run their toes (or paws) through.

From the ground up

Our natural ingredients help the soil, roots, and grass thrive for a lush, green lawn you’ll want to run your toes through.

Green like you’ve
never seen

Blood meal and feather meal keep your lawn its iconic green

Grass for


Our grass seed, and the molasses in our fertilizer help your lawn go on for acres

The secret to a
healthy yard

Flour and alfalfa meal are the key to healthy soil

Say goodbye
to patchy

Kelp, soybean, and earthworm castings feed the grass to help it take root

Green like you’ve never seen

Nutrients from feather and blood meal give your lawn that classic grass green color

Grass for miles

A seasonal serving of grass seed helps your lawn keep on growing and growing and…

The secret to soil health

Molasses and flour and alfalfa meal help create strong soil primed for plenty of lawn activity

Say goodbye to patchy

Soybean and earthworm castings feed your grass, which helps blades take better root

Backyard chatter

“instead is simple and straightforward and I can put it down without too much worry about the safety of my dogs.”


“instead takes the guesswork out of the application process and it feels very approachable. 3 shipments, 4 items, tailored to my geography.”


“I am excited about how easy it is to use and the natural product that is safe to cover my yard in.”


“I liked the ingredients of the fertilizer. The packaging was simple and easy to understand. I felt like I couldn't go wrong and it could be done quickly.”


Ready to go natural?

instead lawn care products make it easy to live in harmony with nature. Sign up for a yearly plan and we’ll send a bag of natural fertilizer or grass seed each season (except winter) right to your door, along with easy-to-follow instructions. All you need is a spreader and you’re on your way to a happy lawn!

100% satisfaction.
No compromises.

No compromises included.