Keeping nature happy, instead

Better choices are all around us, and even small decisions can make a big impact. Like opting for reusable grocery bags instead of plastic, walking to your favorite restaurant instead of driving, or turning off lights instead of leaving them on.

Shipped in sustainable packaging, instead is a new type of natural lawn care you can feel good about choosing.

Green grass is more than a color


Bags made from bioplastics have a smaller carbon footprint.


Natural ingredients keep chemicals out of municipal waterways.


Recyclable shipping boxes close the loop on a happy lawn.

Packaging that works for nature

Sustainable packaging helps give nature a break. You can take your rinsed-and-dried Happy Lawn fertilizer bags and shipping box to a recycling drop-off location—like your local grocery, hardware store or any retailer that collects packaging—to keep it from reaching a landfill.

Find a local drop-off location and learn more about plastic recycling here.

Sharing your slice of nature

Your little slice of nature is part of a bigger slice of the earth. Our natural lawn fertilizer helps keep your backyard green while minimizing its impact on the spaces we share.

Water retention: Adding organic material to your soil helps improve your lawn’s capacity to hold water, which means you use less of it to help it grow.

Water runoff: Formulated to release slowly, instead helps keep nutrients in the soil and reduce run-off in waterways, which can contribute to algae blooms.

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