Keeping your little slice of nature happy

Better choices are all around us, even when it comes to the little things. Like using reusable grocery bags instead of plastic ones, or walking down the street to your favorite restaurant instead of driving. instead is a new type of lawn care you can feel good about choosing.

A greener lawn is about more than the color


Natural fertilizer ingredients without pesticides do the trick, leaving our lawns as natural as they started.


Sugarcane-based plastic is just as good as regular plastic (plus it sounds sweeter).


Get excited to throw things out with recyclable fertilizer bags and shipping boxes.

Give your packaging a second chance

Recycling gives things a second chance (don’t we all wish we had more of those?). Our fertilizer bags and shipping boxes aren’t your usual recyclables. Take your rinsed and dried Happy Lawn fertilizer bags and shipping box to a drop-off location — like your local grocery or hardware store — to recycle.

Find a local drop-off location and learn more about plastic recycling here.

We think about your lawn, and what’s below it too

Your little slice of nature is part of a bigger slice of nature. Our natural fertilizer helps keep things in your backyard green while minimizing its impact on other lawns.

Designed to help improve water retention for less water usage

Formulated to release slowly, helping to reduce run-off in waterways that can contribute to algae blooms

A better way to lawn, instead

Choose Instead